"You are that Kings daughter who has caused so much distress in the city. Those lunatics believe that you are some kind of God who will liberate them. First they say your name and then hit the nearest soldier as hard as possible. They can never learn that it is right to serve their superiors".

Luna remembered that her father had told her that she must be a brave girl. She squeezed her amber stone, stood up and stepped towards the driver. He saw the boldness in her face and was greatly surprised.

"You think you know best, but you do not", said Luna.


"It is wrong to surrender to tyrants and right to revolt against them. We shall never serve any tyrants here in Hilonien".

The driver was amazed that a young girl dared to speak so defiantly. He was used to obedient children. Luna was so different from those in his country that he was afraid of her and took a step back. He forgot that he was much stronger and could have hit her if he wanted to.

"How can you speak like that", he asked with a gentle voice.

"You and your family were the authorities before we came and took over".

"No", said Luna.

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