"What are you saying girl", he shouted.

"It is all nonsense. Children shall not go out and travel alone. Now you can follow me to the governor. Don't think you can steal a ride with soldiers just like that".

He was just going to grip the children's arms and compel them to follow him when he stopped himself.

"I think I recognize you, but I can't remember where and when I have seen you".

Midar was terribly afraid.


"I don't believe you do recognize us", he whined nervously.

"You are probably thinking about some other children. We don't usually appear among people".

Luna gave her brother a hard pinch. She was amazed that he could be so stupid.

"Now I see who you are", exclaimed the driver.

He yelled with delight and turned towards Luna.

"You are no ordinary young girl", he said.

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