The evening sky was still fairly light when the driver pulled up his horses at a large manor. A soldier came and led them into the stable. Luna realized that they had been driven right into the lion's den.

The driver began to unload the blocks of firewood but he kept so close to the wagon that the children couldn't escape. The pile of wood, which hid the children got less and less and finally he couldn't avoid finding them. He was extremely surprised, as he hadn't expected this.

"How long have you been travelling with me you ragamuffins"? An icy fear went through the children and they were afraid to speak. The driver was quite old, but he had powerful muscles and looked unkind. He was angry and gripped Midar by his neck.


"Let me go", he begged.

"Don't be angry with us".

But the driver refused to release his grip. Luna was as sensible as ever and knew what to say.

"It is usual for children in this country to jump on wagons without asking", she said.

"Don't children in your country do it"?

Eventually, the driver released his grip on Midar's neck and glared instead at the blond girl.

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