It was still light when the wagon entered a village and stopped at a large farm. The driver politely asked the maid to give the horses some water and she went to the well and got them a bucketful. However, she only did this because she liked horses. If he had asked something for himself he certainly wouldn't have got it. She spat after him as he drove away. Anyway, Luna and Midar were impressed by his politeness.

The children thought about jumping off and asking the maid to protect them, but Luna decided it was best to travel as far as possible on the wagon. They continued to move slowly through the village. No soldiers could be seen, but a couple of farmers who were chopping wood outside their farmyard, saw a girl with curly blond hair on the wagon.


"It was her", whispered one of the farmers.

"I am convinced, it was her. The Gods have sent Princess Luna to our village and perhaps we shall soon be free". The other farmer was so shocked he couldn't speak the whole evening.

Dusk fell over the surroundings, but the driver continued his journey. Luna was surprised that he should transport ordinary wood such a long way as it was available everywhere. She was afraid that they would end up in a fort again and be prisoners. She told Midar several times that he must always be ready to jump off.

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