Princess Luna had stood motionless beside him for a long time. She looked at the gray sky and was deep in thought. Suddenly she woke up, put her hands on the farmer's shoulders and looked straight at him in a strange way. He looked at her and wondered what she meant.

"You shall live", she said.

"Your wounds will heal. You have been so kind to me and my little brother. I don't want you to have any pain and it will go away. The soldiers can't hurt you, as they are powerless. All men who wear uniform are weak and powerless. Only those who can make us happy have power in their hand"!


They looked at Luna with astonishment; they couldn't believe that a mere child could be so wise. And best of all, the farmer no longer felt any pain in his terribly wounded back. The farmer's daughter rushed towards Luna with tears in her eyes.

"You can't imagine how happy you have made me, Luna. You are not only a Princess. You are much more.

She hugged Luna and kissed her again and again. But Luna looked at her amber stone. It glowed with a bright red light and felt quite hot. Some magic power had flowed from it into her body. Luna was afraid that somebody would think she was a witch so she hurried to conceal it.

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