Luna stopped crying and stood beside the injured farmer looking very serious. He saw that she was sad for his sake.

"Have the soldiers done that", she asked.

He tried to say something but it was so painful that he cried with pain instead and his wife continued to scold him.

"I don't think that you have any sense at all in your head", she exclaimed.

"I hope you have learnt a lesson and from now on you will listen to the women here. You should at least understand that it is the soldiers, and not you, who decide matters in the village".


"I shall never be enslaved", cried the farmer.

"I am no serf, I am a free farmer".

"Keep you fantasies to yourself and don't tell the soldiers how free you are", cried his wife.

"You are surely not blind? You can see with your own eyes that freedom is finished".

He went down on his knees with a groan. He swore and moaned loudly because of the pain.

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