The rest of the family came out and wondered what had happened. When the farmer told them they stood round Luna and stroked her curly hair. They were convinced that she was an Angel from the heavens.

Midar couldn't understand why they were so pleased with her sister. Everybody was overjoyed even though the farmer had terribly wounds all over his back.

"How did you do it"? Asked the farmer's daughter.

"I only consoled him with my love", said Luna.


She had placed the amber stone in her pocket and it was now so hot that it burnt her skin and she was compelled to throw it out. Fortunately, nobody saw what she did, but they noticed that the autumn leaves smoldered at the corner of the farmhouse. As soon as Luna thought it had cooled off she returned it to her pocket.

The farmer's youngest son ran to the village. He wanted to tell his friends that he had met a real Angel. Nobody noticed that he had gone as they were so engaged in admiring Luna. However, he returned very quickly.

"The imperial soldiers are coming this way", he cried.

"They are armed and look fierce".

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