He called to his wife to come out as he didn't want the children to know how badly the soldiers had hurt him. However, his daughter rushed to see what had happened, but when she saw his deeply bloodstained shirt she fell on her knees and lifted her arms to the heavens in despair.

"Tismina", she cried.

"How could you make this happen"?


The old grandmother managed to stop her youngest grandson from going out by telling him that his father was not feeling well and mustn't be disturbed. However, Luna went out in the cold air and saw how badly injured the farmer was; he had lost most of the skin from his back. He screamed with pain when his wife took his skirt off and poured cold water over the enormous wounds. The poor woman cried for her husband but cursed him for not keeping calm previously.

His daughter couldn't face the sight of him and turned away. Her big brother held her with clenched fists. He was more angry than sad and hoped he would soon have a chance to take vengeance on the soldiers.

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