"We shall no longer be free. We shall be serfs and must move into the cowsheds with the cows every evening and be locked in".

"Is that true? It can't be possible", said Luna.

"Serfdom is something which belongs to history and farmers can't be enslaved nowadays. Hilonien is my realm and someday I shall rule over it as the Queen. I want everybody to decide over their own lives and have their own land".

"You are so sensible Luna", said Elona.


"Even though you are only a child you know how a country ought to be ruled. However, the imperial soldiers don't think like us. They have already seized several large farms in the village and locked the farmers in the stables. Tomorrow it may be our turn to move, but you must never be a serf Luna; the soldiers might recognize you. You must flee to freedom with your brother".

Luna flung herself over Elona and shook her.

"Come with us to freedom", she begged.

"It isn't possible", said Elona.

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