"You mustn't be sad Midar. There will be many women in your life, whom you will love and you have your sweet sister as well.

"Why are you saying this", asked Luna tearfully.

"Aren't you fond of us anymore"?

"Don't be silly", said Elona.


"You know that I love you. There is nothing I want more than to keep you with me and if I only thought of myself I would let you stay. However, I must consider what is best for you and for our country. I love this country and I want everybody to live in freedom, but it won't be that way. The talk in the village today has been unpleasant. My husband told me about it when he returned from the threshing, but we haven't told father yet. He is already so furious that he can't stand anymore misery to get worked up about".

"Ever since the enemy came here we have only had trouble", said Luna.

"But now everything will be much worse", said Elona.

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