"I am married; I must stay with my husband and he must stay with his father who won't leave his home. Don't feel sorry for our sake. I feel in my heart that someday we shall be free".

Luna and Midar cried in Elona's arms. The sky had cleared and moonlight shone through the window, but it couldn't comfort the children.

"Do you know I was named after the moons"? Said Luna as she wiped away her tears.

"On the night I was born there was moonlight from all four moons".

Elona kissed her forehead and hugged her.


"No my dear child. Your name came from love. We speak another dialect in the forest and we say Luna to a person that we are very fond of".

Luna felt that it was a comfort in her grief to have love's name. Love had always been the most beautiful word she knew and as she fell asleep she whispered Luna to unhappy Elona.

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