"They will kill you", protested his wife.

"Think about the children. You must be polite to the governor even if you don't respect him at all".

He calmed himself down at last when he realized that the women were talking sense.

They all ate the evening meal in silence. Everybody was worried and fearful that the future would be most unpleasant. When the fire had gone out, Luna and Midar crept under the warm eiderdown. Elona went out for a while and then came in and sat beside the children. She smiled at them as usual, but this evening her smile was sad and squeezed their hands as if she was afraid that they would leave her.


"This may be our last evening together", she said.

"What are you saying", exclaimed Luna and sat up in bed.

"I want to stay with you always".

"It probably won't be possible my dear. I believe fate has decided otherwise".

"You mustn't leave us", said Midar.

"You are my fairy".

He moaned and Elona stroke his hair.

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