"Dear Tismina please spare us from uprisings and bloodshed. There has been enough war and strife in the world".

"Can't we leave here and flee abroad", asked his daughter.

"Videnien is still a free country. We could settle there and cultivate the land".

"Never", cried the farmer.

"This is our home. Our family has lived here from times immemorial. We farmers will fight to the last drop of blood for our homes and our native land".


"No, you won't succeed", said his daughter sobbing.

"There are too many soldiers and you will all be massacred. You can at least try to make the governor see reason first. If you are polite to him, he may listen to you".

"Well spoken", said her father sarcastically.

"Tomorrow morning I shall go to the neighboring village and give the damned governor a piece of my mind. He shall give me a paper declaring that my land belongs to me and if I don't get it he will go to the same way as the two soldiers who searched for Luna and Midar".

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