"When I arrived at the barracks I was told that the governor now owns my farm. I was so amazed that I was unable to say anything to them. And what do you think they gave me in payment? One miserable silver coin! My land is worth at least a hundred times as much and when I said I wouldn't sell they threatened co cut my throat. The soldiers stood around with their weapons and there were a lot of them. I met many farmers on the way home who had received the same treatment. They talked about rebellion and an armed fight. I told them that they could rely on my support".

"Are you completely out of your mind father", cried his daughter.


"There are many thousands of enemy soldiers. How can a few farmers fight against them when all the King's soldiers couldn't do it"?

"And what do you think will happen to us if we don't rise up against them? How shall we survive without our land? That devil wants us to cultivate his land. We shall be compelled to compete with the pigs in the sty for the rotten remains of food. It is exactly what I thought. The governor is aiming to put us in serfdom and this is a problem, which can only be solved by force".

"For the Gods' sake stop and think", begged his wife.

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