Her mother was angry that she didn't know better and told her off. Suddenly, the farmer's voice was heard. He swore and cursed, but his daughter was nevertheless overjoyed when she heard him and threw herself into his arms. However, he was so angry that he pushed her away. His clothes were soaking wet after his long walk through the rain and he felt cold, but the worst was the very unpleasant news.

"It is damnable to have to freeze my backside off for the sake of that blasted governor", he shouted.

"The imperial soldiers can go to hell"!


He slammed the door of the farmhouse as hard as he could; then he turned to the royal children and apologized for his language. He felt it was unacceptable to swear when Luna and Midar were at home.

"What has happened", asked the grandmother.

"You look as though you have met the devil himself".

"Those mean blackguards have taken our land from us", said the farmer angrily.

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