"Of course I can learn to card. I think you are silly", he said.

"Don't be annoyed Midar. Father will no doubt let you help with something else when he returns, said Elona. But Midar sat in a corner and sulked. Not even Luna's hugs cheered him up and this irritated her.

The depressing weather also affected everybody. The farmer's daughter was increasingly worried about her father. Both the old grandmother and the farmer's wife had returned and in the evening Elona's husband came back with his young brother. The daughter couldn't hide her anxiety any longer.

"Father is in danger", she cried.


"We must go and help him".

She rushed to the door but her mother gripped her arm.

"You stay her! It is pointless to go out and search. You would only get lost in the dark".

"But he might not find his way home! Cried her daughter".

"You must let me go to the neighboring village at once".

"Keep calm now. Father knows very well how to get home".

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