The people had loved Luna from the time of her birth. Every autumn on her birthday, thousands gathering with burning torches in the Palace park to congratulate her.

She was the Princess everybody longed for after a lengthy period when only boys were born at the Palace and now she was praised to the skies as never before.

She became a symbol for the people's yearning for freedom. The citizens of the capital prayed for her and made offerings to her. They were all worried that she would be taken prisoner and her name was on everybody's lips:


"Luna is alive and free! She has been sent to liberate us! She is our gleaming spirit and has restored our hopes! As long as Luna lives, freedom cannot die! Someday she will lead us in rebellion against the imperial soldiers"!

However, Smirgul got to know about the people's dreams. He was furious and made the soldiers behead a blond girl with rosy cheeks at the market place.

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