As a consequence of this brutality, he thought he had smashed all hopes of freedom. Thousands cried openly in Lindby and people lost all joy in living. Many became so unhappy that they committed suicide. However, the old Nanny at the Palace let it be known that it was some other girl who had been beheaded and this was the beginning of the cult of Luna, the immortal Goddess from the heavens.



One afternoon in the late autumn, Luna sat in the farmhouse carding wool together with Elona and the farmers daughter. Midar was also there, it felt good to be indoors near the warm hearth as the cold autumn had arrived and the harvest had fortunately been gathered in.

When they woke up in the mornings the ground was white with frost. It was freezing cold and the farmer's wife had to hurry and light the fire in the hearth. The three girls had a lot of fun while they were carding, but Midar just sat on the edge of the bed and did nothing. The farmer's youngest son had gone to visit some other children in the village. Midar couldn't accompany him as there was a risk that he might be recognized by a soldier from the fort, so he had nobody to play with.

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