Unfortunately, the printing room was discovered. One of the youths, that worked there had betrayed his comrades. For this despicable act the traitor was rewards with bold and valuables by the imperial governor. The soldiers caught two boys who lay sleeping in the printing room, and with a red-hot iron they compelled them to reveal the names of all those who had distributed the leaflets. More than fifty young men and women were imprisoned. Half of them were put in the fort from which Luna and Midar had escaped and there they suffered a lingering death. The remainders were hung up in the Palace Park as a warning.


After this, the citizens of Lindby lived in mortal fear of being arrested. Those who were not afraid of death were seared of being flogged. It often happened that one of the rebels was flogged at the market place and his back was streaked with blood. But as long as there was enough food, most people were unwilling to risk such punishment and the resistance faded away.

The citizens were in despair at their loss o freedom. However, amid all their sorrow and distress something happened to cheer them up. A rumor spread that although the King was dead, their beloved Princess Luna was alive. She had fortunately escaped from the fort where she was destined to die and was now in hiding with her brother, but nobody know where. Smirgul was furious that he had failed to exterminate the royal family.

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