"Freedom is worth its price in blood. It's obvious that your family have never been serfs in the forest. It is difficult for you to understand what serfdom means, but I know something about it through my grandfather. He had a relative, some generations before him, who was a serf under a nobleman. He learnt that these estate owners must be killed before they make life a living hell for the serfs".

"Do you think we shall really be serfs, father"? The farmer's daughter asked anxiously.

"I think Smirgul is planning to hold us in serfdom", said the father with an angry voice.


"But I shall not let him have a free hand to do whatever he wants. It is an old tradition of the farmers to manage their own farms".

Luna and Midar were almost asleep in Elona's arms when the smell of hot porridge woke them up. They were very hungry and rushed to the table. The farmer's wife gave them both a wooden spoon and warned them to be careful with the piping hot porridge.

When everybody was sitting at the table she poured all the porridge into a large wooden bowl and soon the whole family was happily eating. Nobody thought about the soldiers and the killing.

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