- They call me the forest Princess. But you are a real Princess and I believe that later on you will be Hilonien's queen. The emperor's soldiers will someday give up voluntarily when they realize that you can rule better than they can.

Luna sighed heavily. It worried her that everybody expected so much. She didn't think that she could manage to rule a whole country.

The farmer's son heard what his dear wife said and he turned towards her with a sad smile.

"I really hope that you are right Elona, but I believe that we must conquer the emperor's soldiers before we can be free".


"No", said Elona firmly. "I don't want any more blood to be spilt. If we are kind to the soldiers they will be kind to us. They will get tired of oppressing us and long to cultivate the land instead".

The farmer listened to their conversation but he didn't think Elona was right on this point.

"All that takes a very long time and I'm not prepared to wait so long", he said as he gripped his axe handle.

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