After the food she took out her most valuable possession, a porcelain jug with blue flowers on it. She had inherited it from a distant relative who was very rich. The jug was filled with fresh cream milk from the nearby large farm and everybody took a drink. The family used to get milk and pork from this farm in exchange for a number of services.

After this, Luna and Midar were so contented that they slept almost at once. It had been an uneventful day. The grandmother used to sit up all night. She hardly ever slept so she was able to arouse the family if the soldiers should come.

"What will happen to us if the enemy ever find the corpses we have buried"? Asked the farmer's daughter anxiously.


"They will be angry of course", whispered her mother.

"But they won't be able to tell that we have killed them. Nobody will ever know the truth. Sleep now my child". She glanced at her grandmother who sat quite still on a chair; then she closed her beautiful eyes and slept.

When morning co me the family had to milk the goats. Luna asked the farmer's wife if she and Midar could stay with them and she replied that they must. She had no intention of allowing them to leave, even if they wanted to. It was far too dangerous as long as the soldiers continued to search for them. Luna threw herself into Elona's arms and cried with joy.

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