0ne after another the family shook their heads.

"If you are lying it will be worse for you. To lie to soldiers is the same as treason".

They began to search. The farmer was worried and tried to stop them but they pushed him brutally aside and he fell on the floor. However he got up at once.

"What is the point of searching"? He asked.

"I have told you we aren't hiding any children here".

One of the soldiers gave him a suspicious look.


"What are you afraid of then? If the children aren't here it doesn't matter if we search".

The soldiers opened all the doors in the old cupboard, which the farmer's grandfather had made. ‘Then they turned to the bed curtain. The farmer's son stopped sharpening his scythe. His father took down something, which hung on the wall and held it behind him. Father and son winked to each other and smiled grimly. The daughter understood what they intended to do and held her breath in terror. The bed curtain was drawn away and the bed quilt was pulled off.

"Here they are. We have found the royal children", the soldiers exclaimed together.

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