"Yes, you have and now you shall get the promised reward"!

Blood flew in all directions. Some splashed on the children. Luna wanted to scream, but couldn't. Midar thought he had been injured but found he hadn't. They saw how the soldiers fell on the floor. The farmer and his son yelled with rage and slashed into them again and again even after the soldiers were dead. They were like furious warriors who had eaten poisonous fungus in order to get high. The axe and the scythe were drenched in blood.

Eventually, they calmed themselves down. The children screamed and cried. The women tried desperately to remove the ghastly blood.


"You know how to handle an axe father. You did well", said his son.

"I said I wanted to kill every soldier in the world and this is a good beginning. Soon there won't be any soldiers left and then we shall have peace", said the farmer.

He took his son's hand in triumph.

"You were not so bad either with your scythe"!

"I can reap most things when required, but such horrible weeds I have never reaped before", said his son.

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