"Leave her alone. We have more important things to do than quarrel about porridge".

The soldier stood and looked threateningly at the family.

"We have not only come her to check on you", he shouted.

"Our most important job is to search for two children who have run away from home and if we find them we must return them to their parents as soon as possible. Have any of you seen a boy and a girl in wet sheepskin? The boy has fair hair and brown eyes; the girl has fair hair and blue eyes".

The farmer laughed.


"So sweet and angelic", he said scornfully.

"Just imagine, Smirgul ‘s soldiers are so kind that they want to help in this situation. Of course you two soldiers aren't good enough for the battlefield. The most you manage is to search for runaway children"?

"Answer the question", the soldier shouted.

"Have any of you seen these children"?

"No, don't you think we have enough of our own children"? Said the farmer.

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