"No, Father you must calm yourself down", she cried.

"Listen to this sensible girl", said one of the soldiers.

The farmer pulled himself out of the soldier's grip but he didn't hit back. He contented himself with a glance at his axe. His son sharpened his scythe now and then, even though it didn't need sharpening.

Elona hid her face in her hands, but one of the soldiers lifted her chin.

"You are a strange one. A fairy among all these stinking louts. I knew there was something wrong with you".


He looked at the large cauldron, which stood by the hearth.

"What kind of lousy food do you eat in this country"?

He shouldn't have said that. The farmer's wife couldn't stand anybody speaking badly about her porridge and she gave the soldier a resounding cuff.

"You should learn some manners. Don't you learn how to behave decently on your side of the ocean"?

The soldier raised his fist to hit the quarrelsome woman but his comrade stopped him.

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