"Otherwise I may decide to cut off your tongue and hang it up as an ornament to avoid hearing you babble".

The soldiers stood in the middle of the floor with their hands on their sword hilts. The youngest son was afraid and began to cry. The farmer's daughter sat him on her knee and looked anxiously at the soldiers.

"We are here to make sure that you don't do anything illegal. You know it is forbidden to own flags and sing the National anthem of Hilonien. Smirgul has decided that nobody shall be patriotic".

"Please we haven't had time to get rid of our flag", said the farmer's daughter.


She was very afraid when she looked at the soldier's long swords, but her father didn't allow himself to get scared.

"I am not going to get rid of my flags and I shall sing whatever I want", he roared.

Anger was getting the better of her father and he almost forgot that he had a family and the royal children to protect. He started to sing some of the National anthem in order to irritate the soldiers, but he was stopped by a hard punch which made his mouth bleed and one of the soldiers gripped his collar.

"Keep quiet! you yokel or we will take your daughter into the forest and play with her".

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