"Let us in you country rats"! Shouted one of the soldiers.

"Open in the name of emperor Smirgul"!

"Quick! Get behind the bed curtain", whispered Elona to the children.

Luna and Midar crept under the bed quilt so that they wouldn't be seen even if the soldiers pulled the curtains away, but their bodies trembled in fear.

The farmer stood at the door.

"Why should I open for you? You only want to steal and kill".


"Guard your tongue if you want to stay alive. I shall set your farm on fire if you make difficulties", shouted the soldier.

The farmer opened the door unwillingly after glancing at his axe, which hung on the wall. The oldest son took his scythe down and pretended to sharpen it. Two imperial soldiers tramped in with dirty leather boots and two horses waited outside.

"What does this mean? Can't honest people be left alone in their own home"? Said the farmer in anger.

"Shut up", shouted one of the soldiers.

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