The farmer was startled. He looked her strait in her face and recognized her at once. She had the same blue eyes and light curly hair as the little Princess who waved to the crowd from the balcony of the Palace.

"You are Princess Luna and your brother is Prince Midar", he stuttered.

"And our King has been executed. Have these devils decided to murder the whole royal family? It must not happen as that means the end for Hilonien. I shall protect you both. Nobody will hurt you. Now I understand just how bad the situation is".

Luna threw herself into Elona's arms and sobbed.


"Smirgul has certainly put a reward on our heads and I believe that many thousands of soldiers are looking for us".

"Why does he want to kill you"? Asked the farmer.

"Does he think he can arouse anything other than hate and hostility by doing that? If King Jomar really has been executed there must be an uprising. We are not going to accept the murder of our King. We shall pay back in the same way and I shall offer a reward to the one who kills Smirgul".

He had hardly spoken before a soldier pounded on the door. Midar screamed but Elona put her hand over his mouth. The pounding continued.

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