Luna looked anxiously at Midar. Then she looked slowly round the family. She would have preferred to avoid telling the truth as she knew that death would come to them if the enemy got to know who they were. However, they all looked so kind. Anyway for safety's sake she stood up and asked with a serious voice:

"Can I trust you all? Are you loyal to the King and your country"?

The farmer felt hurt, but he understood that she had reason to be worried. There were rumors about young men who were willing to cooperate with the emperor's soldiers.

"Yes, it's clear that you can rely on us", he said with an irritated voice.


"Neither are we traitors like some of the rich people. Shame on those estate owners who have failed us. I was myself at the district court and raised my hand for the King. I won't desert my democracy when it is threatened".

He gave his hand to her so that she could feel confident in him. Luna looked even more serious.

"Your King and my father is dead"! She said sadly.

"The soldiers have also executed my mother, but we managed to escape".

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