The family couldn't resist asking the children what had happened. Luna told them that the emperor's soldiers were intent on killing them, but she didn't say who she was.

It was quiet in the farmhouse. The family had tried to think about other things than war during the previous day as they had so much to do, but now they were reminded of the danger that threatened them. The farmer was the first to break the silence. He hit the table with his fist and rumbled in his rough voice:

"Damned soldier thugs! Have they no sense of shame? Don't they understand that it is a foul crime to kill children? If they come here I shall give them what they deserve"!


He gripped his axe and swore. Then he lay his large powerful hands on the children's shoulders and said:

"You are safe with me. I won't let any of that scum into my farmhouse".

"Now we know how these enemy soldiers are. They are not men if they are prepared to kill children", said the farmer's son.

"All soldiers are the same", muttered the farmer. "They never leave honest farming people alone. It would be a blessing if somebody killed every soldier in the world".

"But why are they out after you children"? Asked Elona.

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