A family of seven lived on the farm. All of them were awake and occupied with various activities.

Elona, who was the young wife of the farmer's grown-up son, came over to the royal children and took care of them. Midar sat on her knee and she pressed Luna's hand against her cheek. They felt secure with her and let their feelings take over. They cried for a long time as a result of all their horrible experiences and Elona comforted them as though they were her own children. She hugged them until they smiled and were happy again.


Elona was an intelligent girl and very fond of children. She had blond hair and a sweet face with a small mouth and many freckles. Perhaps there was also something quite special about her. One could almost believe that she was a farmer fairy who had achieved the impossible by becoming a human being. She was so beautiful that people in the village called her the Forest Princess.

The farmers wife took some clothes out of a blue chest. She gave her daughter's old dress to Luna. Midar was given gray trousers and a little shirt, which had belonged to their youngest son.

Luna and Midar sat on the soft wolf skin in front of the heart h and warmed their hands. The farmer had killed the wolf himself.

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