"How strong you are Luna. I didn't think you would be able to pull me up"!

Luna felt new hope rise within her.

"We must go on", she said.

"But promise never to leave me Midar. Perhaps next time I won't be able to save you".

"It was you who left me", he said and started to argue.

However, they had to rest and regain some strength before they continued.


Midar told his sister about everything he had gone through and Luna was worried. If she was worried, he knew that she had a good reason to be. They both shuddered at the possibility that they had found the opening to hell. They fell on their knees and prayed to the Mistress of the heavens for protection. Luna then saw that the grass near them was trampled down in rings, which meant that they had prayed in quite the wrong place, as far as the elves were concerned.

"What will happen to us now"? Asked Midar.

"Misfortune will come to us", she replied.

She hugged him and comforted him. Then they went on, hand in hand, through the primeval forest.

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