Luna soon found it and with the help of the moonlight she saw Midar's face under her. He looked scared, but the hole was big enough for him to get out.

"Take hold of the tree roots", she said impatiently.

"You must hurry before the people of the underworld get you".

"There aren't any small people or trolls here, but it could be something much worse. It could be the opening to hell", said Midar sobbing.

He tried to climb up to his sister, but he was too weak. Luna was determined to save him. She bent down as far as she could and gripped his arm.


"Push up on the tree roots", she said.

With a great combined effort they finally managed it. Midar ran from the ghastly hole and lay down panting under an oak. Luna followed and pressed his cold hand against her warm tear drenched cheek.

It felt better to cry by her brother's side.

They went in the glade, but the elves had gone.

"I though you were dead", said Luna.

"But you are with me again and I have never loved you as much as I do now".

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