The elves eventually got him into an underground cave and a stone door blocked the only way out. A mysterious luminous tentacle forced its way in and searched for him, but he avoided it. The stone door opened a little above him and he could see the stars. It was then he heard Luna crying and he called her in despair.

"Luna! Luna! Come and help me"!


When Luna heard her brother's call for help she sat up and wiped away her tears.


"Where are you Midar? Come to me, she called anxiously".

"I can't; you must help me! Follow my voice and look for a large hole in the ground".

Luna ran as far as she could through the trees. The sky was clear and the moonlight helped her.

"What has happened Midar? You haven't been bewitched I hope"?

"No, there is nothing wrong with me, but you must help me to get out of this hole", he answered.

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