They were alone on this occasion but soon the time would come when those who were Rebels need not be.

The children were still by the marsh and Midar was so tired that he wanted to stay and sleep, but Luna insisted that they must go on. She took her brother's hand and dragged him forward. They plucked as many blueberries as they could to help stave off their hunger. The cloud suddenly hid the moons and Luna had to guess her direction. She thought Midar was following, but when she turned round he wasn't there and when she called his name he didn't answer. She retracted her steps, but couldn't find him. It was all to much for her. She felt that her spirit, which had carried them so far, was broken at last. She lay down and cried.


Midar had been overcome by tiredness. Suddenly he heard laughter and harp music, which appeared to come from a small light glade in the forest. Perhaps Luna was there waiting for him, but he was too weak to go and see and his voice was too weak to call her name.

He heard girls' voices calling for him to go and dance with them and offering him porridge. He felt so attracted that he got up, but then he realized that the voices came from elves that danced in the glade. He turned away from them, but was met by gleaming eyes, which scared him and caused him to move again towards the glade. The eyes probably belonged to some animals which one of the elves had aroused in order to scare him, but when he heard a noise behind him he joined in the dance even through he knew he could be lost for ever.

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