"We have imprisoned so many people it's good for us if some escape".

Nobody could believe that they were the royal children.

Luna and Midar stumbled laboriously through the beautiful beech forest and their heels had already begun to bleed. But they were free. They were free to escape in their enslaved but dearly beloved land.

The archers and the moon Goddess


Luna and Midar had to make their way over many obstacles. They stumbled several times, but they got up at once and went on. They wanted to get as far away from the fort as possible in order to reduce the risk of being caught. Finally, they had to take a short rest and they stopped under an old oak with thick moss on its trunk. Midar had a pain in his foot and Luna thought he had sprained his ankle, but he was allright; just a little blood form a cut.

They went on and came across a lonely cottage in the forest. Luna broke a window and climbed in. There was no food, but she found clothes in an old chest and they each put on a thick sheepskin jersey.

"It is fortunate that I am the Crown Princess and can take whatever I want", she thought.

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