"Every article of clothing belongs to me. Even the window belongs to me, so I haven't done anything wrong"!

During this time their escape from the tower was discovered and the emperor had been informed.

"The children must be captured and executed", he bawled.

"If you don't return with their heads before the evening I shall order you all to be killed".

The hunt had begun. Two hundred soldiers, together with many dogs, went out on the search.


Luna and Midar climbed a hill in order to survey their surroundings from the top. In the west they could see the moors, a town and the sea. It was nearly all forest in the east and Luna decided they should go that way. Perhaps they could make contact with the King's soldiers; those who still resisted the greatly superior forces of the emperor.

By sunset they were still free, but the distant barking of dogs and voices made them run further into the unknown along mysterious tracks which perhaps had only been used by trolls.

Only one of the four moons shone in the darkening sky.

"I hope we can take a brief rest now", begged Midar.

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