Luna and Midar were afraid they would drop the coffin, but finally it was placed safely on the ground and Luna squeezed hard on the amber.

She heard voices. Several soldiers stood nearby for a long time and the children were compelled to lie still and wait. When the voices finally stopped, Luna took her father's ice-cold hand and whispered tearfully:

"Farewell dear father. I shall never forget you, nor you dear mother"!

She lifted the lid of the coffin carefully and looked out. At first she was dazzled by the light, but soon she could see the dull gray wall of the yard.


Luna decided they must go at once. It was now or never. They rushed out and sneaked along the wall.

Some of the soldiers stood in a group and one of them saw the children enter the gateway but he pretended he hadn't.

The heavy grating was down. However, they could just manage to press themselves between two iron bars and they ran over the drawbridge to freedom. They were so exited that their legs would hardly carry them. Then they were discovered.

"Two children are escaping", called a soldier from the watchtower.

"Let them go", called another.

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