The dawn came. The children took off their outer clothes and Luna filled them with straw. It looked just as if they lay and slept in the straw so now they could only hope that the soldiers wouldn't investigate further.

Midar had wanted to keep his light blue shirt with the embroidered royal gold crown, but Luna explained why this was impossible if they were to avoid capture later on.

Luna told Midar that he must be as quiet as a mouse; he mustn't cough or sneeze. If the soldiers heard the least sound they would be lost. Then they climbed into the coffin. It was very unpleasant. Shelana and Jomar were ice-cold and the smell of death was awful. They had to wait an intolerably long time, but eventually the tramp of feet could be heard again on the steps of the tower.


Luna and Midar were pitched here and there when the soldiers lifted the coffin onto their shoulders, but the children didn't make the least sound.

The soldiers cursed the weight of it. However it didn't occur to them to investigate the matter. They only glanced at the straw filled clothes.

"The royal children are really lazy. Soon they will sleep forever and yet they sleep early in the morning", said one of them.

"It's their problem if they want to sleep away their last hours", said the other.

The soldiers cursed all the way down the steps.

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