One of the moons shone outside the window opening. Luna held the amber in the moonlight and looked for a long time at the spider. Twice she was almost certain it moved.

"Are you inside the amber, father"? Is mother there also? She whispered very sadly.

The stone changed color and frightened her so she put it back in her pocket.

She looked at the moon, which was almost full. Perhaps the moon Goddess wanted to say something to the little girl who bore one of her many names. Poor Luna knelt and clasped her hands in prayer.


"Oh Hindladrim, Goddess of the moons, you know I love the white light from your four faces. I respect you as much as I respect the Mother of creation. If you love me, help me to escape from the soldiers and this awful fort. Let my brother live and be happy".

Luna knew it was a serious blasphemy to respect the moon Goddess as much as the Mistress of the heavens, but it didn't worry her. She had always been free in her relationships to the mighty beings of the heavens. According to the holy sagas, no God or Goddess could be compared with the grand Tismina. She stood above all others as she alone had created everything including, unfortunately, evil. This caused Luna to be less enamoured of her.

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