"You have sworn to be loyal and now you are going to execute me. Someday you will get a traitor's reward".

"Don't cause trouble now Jomar or it will be worse for you, said one of the executioners".

"Smirgul may decide to use a more unpleasant method of execution".

Luna gave the executioner a kick on his leg which made him swear and he pushed her so violently that she fell, but fortunately the hay saved her from injury.

"Murderer"! Screamed the unhappy Luna.


"I shall have my revenge on you".

"Shall you indeed"? Said the executioner scornfully.

"Don't you know that you also are condemned to death? Perhaps you think that you can hit us on the head with your gravestone"?

Jomar nodded approvingly to his daughter as if to let her know that he wanted her to avenge his death. He then took Shelana's hand and went down the steps. He knew it was pointless to cause more trouble, but Shelana was not so calm. She spat on the executioners and cursed them.

"Why have you deserted your own country"? She screamed.

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