The dawn came and the royal family was wakened by the tramp of steps as two executioners, dressed in black,, came up the narrow tower stairs to the room. Luna screamed in despair and Midar began to cry. The children understood that the executioners were on the way to fetch their parents. Jomas held Luna's hand for the last time. She clung to his arm and looked at him with burning tears in her eyes.

"Death will now take me away from you my dearest darling daughter", he said in his softest voice.

"In a few minutes it will be you who must take responsibility for your little brother. I want you to keep the amber not only for its power, but also as a memory of me".


"Every time you long for your dead father you shall squeeze the stone".

"I don't want to", sobbed Luna.

"Please, please stay with me dear mother and father"!

At the same instant the iron door was opened and the two executioners tramped in. They wore black hoods with eyeholes to avoid being recognized. However, Jomar thought he recognized their eyes and ripped their hoods off. The men tried to stop him but he was stronger. They were two of his own guardsmen.

"Traitors"! He shouted.

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