"Hold your tongue woman", shouted one of the executioners.

"You are dethroned and no longer have any voice in affairs. Hilonien needs law and order and we can only get it with the emperor's help".

He pulled the black hood over his head and turned towards King Jomar:

"You have been a weak and miserable King; you don't deserve to have loyal soldiers".


The children screamed and cried when they heard the axe fall. Twice it fell on the block and it was all over. Jomar was compelled to watch Shelana's execution and then it was his turn to kneel and bend his head forward. He had promised himself to die with a smile, but he couldn't and before the cruel blow he called his beloved Luna's name.

Luuna! Luuna! Echoed in the fort.

Such vile cruelty on the part of the evil Smirgul was a curse on the whole of mankind. Midar cried for several hours and Luna hugged him like a mother. She dried his tears, showed him the amber and told him not to be afraid of his parent's corpses. Midar was scared out of his senses but Luna was strong and brave and she talked him out of it.

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