She then crept under the straw and slept with the strange amber in her clenched hand. But Jomar lay awake and was worried. Even though he himself was not afraid of death; it was the children he was concerned about. It grieved him that he would never know whether they had managed to flee. When it was time for them to try to escape he would be a lifeless corpse.


Even if Jomar believed in the amber's protective power, he had reason to be worried. He had not told Luna the whole truth. Strange things had sometimes happened with the stone, which he didn't understand. The spider could disappear for a few seconds and be replaced by the old quack's face. A chuckling laugh was then heard from the amber and shortly afterwards something tragic always occurred, but it had only happened four times during his life. However, he was convinced it was right to give the stone to Luna. He felt that one of these days it would save her life.

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