"The spider died a very long time ago and is embedded in amber. This stone will give you magic powers and you will be lost without it, so you must never lose it. Promise me that".

Luna promised to take good care of it even though the spider frightened her.

"When I was about your age I was very ill with a high fever. The doctor said he couldn't save me and my father cried for the first time in his life. However, and old quack came to the Palace and placed this amber in my hand. Anyway, within a day I was well. I had to promise her to take good care of the stone and not give it away until the night before my death and that night has now arrived. The amber is yours and I hope it will save your life in the same way as it has, until now, saved mine".


She held the stone once more in the moonlight and looked at the repulsive spider.

"Are you certain that the amber will protect me? She asked anxiously".

"Perhaps its power is evil and will destroy me"!

"Don't be afraid Luna. It is only bad to your enemies. You can rely on me completely".

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