Luna didn't answer.

"If you don't obey me then you obey Smirgul instead. Do you want to die at his command"?

"Yes, I do"!

"Silly child! You have no right to think about yourself. Our people need a brave Princess and an equally brave prince to lead them in their fight for freedom. I knew you would become somebody great Luna. I knew it when you were born".

The moonlight fell on Luna's curly hair. Jomar had tried his best to convert her and was on the verge of tears.


Suddenly, quite suddenly, Luna solemnly promised her father that she and Midar would take this very last chance to avoid being executed by the worst criminal on the planet: emperor Smirgul.


Luna's father put something cold and round in her hand. When she held it the moonlight she jumped with horror. He had given her a transparent stone containing a horrid black spider and the light gave the stone a delicate red glow. Luna dropped it as she didn't like the spider, but Jomar picked it up and pressed it in her palm.

"You mustn't be afraid of this stone, he said harshly".

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