Poor Luna didn't bother to listen. She had given up all hope, but Jomar gave her a shaking.

"Listen to me Luna. I haven't reared you and loved you in order that you should die when only a child. My own life and your mother's life will soon be over, but I want you and Midar to live. There is still a chance to save you both. If you hide under our corpses in our coffins the soldiers will carry you out to safety. You will leave your clothes behind and fill them with straw so that you appear to be asleep".

"It will not succeed", muttered Luna.


"Listen, I know the Murtsch-Takesjdell people's rituals. When they bury beheaded prisoners, they always let the coffins stay out in the open for one night before lowering them into the ground so that the souls can be collected by Satan. This means that you should be able to open the lids and flee into the forest. I know that you are a brave girl Luna. An angel gave you the gift of courage".

"I won't do it. I don't want to live without you and mother. Find a way to save us all"!

"You will do as I say. It is thanks to the fact that Smirgul is so evil that you have got this chance. The sagas usually tell us that the tyrants are destroyed by their own cruelty and perhaps it is so in reality".

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