"This is the work of the devil, he said quietly".

"The evil prophecy has come true at last".

Later in the evening a soldier threw in some salted herring which Luna picked up and dropped through the window opening in the hope that it would hit some of the hated soldiers in the yard below.


It began to rain. It was a real cloudburst and cold air came in which increased their agony, but there were others who suffered even more. Awful screams from the cellars could be heard even at the top of the tower. Princess Luna's rosy cheeks were now very pale and it seemed as if she would fade away long before the executioner laid her on the block. The heavy rain stopped late in the night and the silence of death already ruled in their room. One of the moon Goddess's faces shone outside the window opening and a silver beam came in. Shelana and Midar slept, but Jomar and Luna didn't.

"You see the beautiful moonlight"? he whispered.

"I called you Luna because you looked so beautiful when the moon shone on you".

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