"Perhaps my death and your death don't mean so much, but from our beloved Luna's cruel fate something great will come".

An hour later two soldiers went up to the tower with a letter to Jomar which carried the imperial seal and was written by Smirgul. It was a most evil and terrifying letter.

To King Jomar,

As Princess Luna has shown herself to be exceptionally ill-mannered and ill-bred, I have decided to punish her in the following way:


When you and your consort have been beheaded, the coffins containing your dead bodies will be carried up the tower together with a sack containing your heads. Princess Luna will be imprisoned all night together with your corpses before she is executed. Your little son will be allowed to chose between execution at the first opportunity or the latter.

Signed: emperor Smirgul.

Luna gazed sadly at her beloved parents and fell into tears. She was so desperately unhappy that she thought she would die immediately and Shelana hugged her tightly for a long time. Jomar felt that he had never loved Luna so much as during these agonizing days.

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